Monday, April 20, 2015

Not too skinny and not too perfect legs for girls.

How I maintain my legs cutting. Its quite funny and weird but as a girl actually a woman, legs are our assets. The most important way to get a perfect legs is EXERCISE!

Working out helps to develop shapely legs. Some basic exercises you can do :

  • Jumping (with a jump rope or trampoline)
  • Running/jogging
  • Walking
  • Riding a bike
  • Stair climbing
  • Aerobics
  • Squats and/or lunges
  • Weight training.
  • Hiking
Thats what I'm supposed to do. You can also swimming or playing some games like tennis, volleyball etc. I always running/jogging and hiking because I love to see the natures. Sometimes you feel shy to work out alone, I'm right? So why not you join your friends for hiking. 

why all of us need to burst our smiles?

☺️Idk why people always say that I love to smile and laugh. 
Smiling can make you happy (even when you're not).
Remember that mind-body connection we were just talking about? Well, it turns out that the simple act of smiling sends a message to your brain that you're happy. And when you're happy, your body pumps out all kinds of feel-good endorphins. I've learn that from my biology teacher when I'm at secondary school.

Smiling can make others happy. 
Ever heard that song, made famous by Malique & Najwa
" kacak luar kacak dalam kacak dengar sini kalau saya senyum awak mesti senyum sekali kalau kita senyum semua orang berjangkit bila semua orang senyum dunia tiada penyakit " 
Well, it's true. Research shows that smiling is contagious. Ever been around someone who just had something fantastic happen to him or her? Isn't it almost impossible not to feel good, too? Studies show that something as simple as seeing a friend smile can activate the muscles in your face to make that same expression, without you even being aware that you are doing it. Crazy, right?

Smiling can help you de-stress. 
The next time you're stressed about work or realize that your favorite jeans feel a little snug, don't freak out. Take a few deep breaths and smile! Smiling may help to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. When that smile signals to your brain that you're feeling happy (even though you're not really feeling happy...yet), your body will usually slow its breathing and heart rate.
Reducing stress is so important for health, too, as it can lower blood pressure, improve digestion and regulate blood sugar. Note that this works during workouts, too! If you're having a hard time getting through that last rep or getting those final 5 minutes in on the treadmill, smiling can do wonders!

Smiling can lead to laughter. 
Have you ever laughed without smiling? It's pretty impossible to do. And it's funny how a smile here and a smile there with friends can turn into a whole fit of hysterical laughter. Numerous studies have been done on the health benefits of laughing, including how it acts like a mini workout that burns calories and works the abs. Laughter also helps blood flow, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces stress and improves sleep. It may also raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body, which helps boost your immune system. So the moral of this story is smile—and laugh—often!

Smiling just feels good. 
Have you ever found that smiling just feels good? Go ahead, smile now. Doesn't it feel natural? Make you feel happy to be alive? It sure does beat the heck out of a frown.

So the next time you're feeling down or out of sorts, try a smile. If you can't find a reason to smile, pop in a funny DVD, read the comics like Ujang or call a friend. Heck, you may be able to even read the word smile and feel better. I like to watch runningman , karoot komedia and maharaja lawak mega. Its fun. You should try to watch something like that. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bestfriends breakups are WORST then relationship breakups tbh! (◕‿-)

What can I say about best friends which is they're always there for you, always looking out for you. There are some quotes that I've founded from pakcikgoogle. Sometimes its fun when you just thinking about your bestfriends then start searching at google how your friendships will go. 
“Don’t wait for people to be friendly. Show them how.” ~Unknown
The other night I called an old friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. As we caught up, shared stories, and laughed over private jokes that would sound ridiculous had the phone been tapped, I wondered why I let so much time go by since I’d last given her a call.
We don’t live close to each other, so grabbing a drink or hitting up a yoga class isn’t an option. But really connecting with her, sharing pieces of my life  and receiving the pieces she wants to give, doesn’t require specific geography.
We can be great friends to each other, despite the distance, if we choose to make the effort. If we remember to make the time, we can have those types of meaningful, fulfilling conversations that make us feel seen, understood, appreciated, and supported.
Then I started to think about all the times when I’ve gotten busy and lost touch with friends who live right down the street—times when I got caught up in everything going on in my life and forgot to nurture my relationships.
We need meaningful connections with other people.
Not everyone has to be a close friend, but it’s integral to our happiness that we show people who we truly are, allow ourselves to know them in return, and then remind each other through actions—small or large—that we care.
We never need to be or feel alone in this world, but it’s up to us to create and allow opportunities to be together, enjoy each other, and be there for each other. It’s up to us to make our relationships priorities.
With this in mind, I recently asked on Facebook, “What does it mean to be a true friend?”
I compiled some of the ideas that resonated strongly with me (some of them paraphrased or slightly altered for ease of reading).
Here’s what Tiny Buddha readers had to say:
1. Always be there, even in silence. (Nerrisa Nam)
2. Be kind and listen. Be fun and light. Be serious when needed, love extensively, and forgive always. (Sandra Lumb)
3. Don’t be scared to tell each other the truth, no matter how difficult it may be. (Eva Valencia)
4. Guide each other in times of need with your honest opinions. (Ashna Singh)
5. A true friend is someone who always listens and is genuinely interested in the good and bad, and someone who calls or writes just to say hello. (Kimberly McCarthy)
6. Be loyal in confidence and character, always open and inviting to share concerns, always honest even if you disagree. (Peggy Turner Beatty)
7. A true friend tries her best to cheer you up when you are upset and makes you feel special. (Kalpana Tewani)
8. Try and improve their life though your friendship. (Barry Cassidy)
9. Be who you truly are, be that vulnerable, and provide the other person the space, safety and choice to do the same. (Cynthia Ruprecht Hunt)
10. Be genuinely happy when they get, receive, or achieve something you truly desire. (Heather Tucker)
11. Share the truth in your heart, without the fear of misunderstandings. (Ricardo Marques)
12. Be loyal and forgive but above all: love and respect. (Casey Jo Wagner)
13. Accept the person as they are, as an individual, without conditions. Also, as important as it is for you to be there for them, sometimes you have to be willing to let them be there for you. (Casey Kimes)
14. Remain friends despite a person’s choices in life and don’t bail on them when they aren’t who you want them to be. (Kim Shaw)
15. A true friend always supports the person but doesn’t feel compelled to support the situation. A true friend knows how and when to say the firm, “No.” (Leslie Mollay)
16. Help yourself and those closest to you grow. To live means to grow, and a true friend is someone that you can honestly say has helped define you as an individual. (Kevin Ball)
17. Celebrate the wins and be there to support the losses. Keep your word and acknowledge it when you don’t. (Margalit Ward)
18. Walk in to a friend’s aid when others are walking out. (Larry Stilts)
19. Don’t hold grudges over petty disagreements. (Annika de Korte)
20. Show up! You can pretend to care but you cannot pretend to show up. (Sherri Levy)
21. A true friend is someone you feel as comfortable with as you do when you are by yourself. No illusions, no holding back. (Liz McConomy)

Who in my mind rn? K Wan Nor Salma. #YNWA eh tetiba ..

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Baru cuba nak berjinak dengan hiking?

Isn't hiking just walking?
Why do you need best hiking tips?
The answer is complicated by many factors: climate, season, weather, hiking distance, pack weight, terrain, as well as your age and level of conditioning, nutritional status, and mental state.
And let's not overlook the obvious: the gear you're using.
All of these factors play into how effective your hiking techniques may or may not be for the hike you're planning.

The first mountain I climb is Gunung Merapi. It was my beginning as a hiker. I've tried, how about you? 
Come on take the challenge, get the experience and enjoy the environment!